HyperStories and Strange Tales

I'm trying to experiment with html writing to take advantage of the unique ability of the internet to footnote a complex story with pictures, notes and outside sources in a more or less seamless style. I wouldn't mind some criticism as long as it's constructive.

The first story I have developed is a biblical tale but not the sort of thing you're likely to hear from a pulpit. It concerns the way the earliest parts of the bible were written and the sort of petty palace politics that have become the canon for so many of the faithful in this world. For the more devout in the audience, I would suggest that you refrain from reading it as it will only make you crazy.

It's called The Law Giver

For something completely different my next selection is entitled, "How to build your own log cabin".  This is an account of the personal experiences of myself and my family over a many year period starting in 1997 (and still counting) during which we have built our own cabin in the woods of Washington State.  I recommend this for anyone who is considering buying or building a cabin of your own.

For a few months in the 1990s, I allowed a geology student named Kylea Kirsch to live on a remote property I own in a remote location called Green Canyon. She decided she would write a lengthy piece about its geography and history. She called herself "The Wide Awake Walker".

The next bit is a description of a great hike I got to take down the Copalita River in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Thanks to my father, I have been infected with an all consuming love of sailboats. One thing that I have spent many hours in study over is the art of navigation at sea. I am especially interested in how it might have been practiced before all of our modern technology simplified the problem. This has led me, among other things to think about Christopher Columbus and his legendary voyages. However, the story that has emerged from my researches might not be the one you know. Here it is.

For the past decade and more, I have been a member of the Electric Vehicle Association. A group that advocates for electrifying the transportation sector of our economy. As part of this advocacy, I have been running a booth at the Energy Park of the Oregon Country Fair since 2020. I've run the booth both virtually (2020-2021) and physically (2022). I maintain a web presence to support the booth. Take a look.

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